Mold Damage Remediation in Houston, Texas


Mold spores are present in virtually every room in the world. These spores are microscopic in size and can find their way into a building through many different avenues. Regardless of how the spores get in, once introduced to the proper settings, they can grow in mold colonies and quickly spread throughout a room or building. Once introduced to moisture and organic materials, mold spores latch on and form colonies. Whether you are dealing with a large outbreak or a smaller one, United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas can help you. 

Our technicians in Houston, Texas are professionally trained and certified in handling any level of mold colony outbreak. Our mold remediation process will help eliminate all mold colonies as well as help prevent future outbreaks. In Houston, Texas, our mold remediation process starts with a call to our service line. Our service line at (832) 957-7623 can place you in direct contact with one of our professional technicians in a matter of minutes. Technicians in Houston, Texas have flexible scheduling and can create an appointment around your availability. 


Once one of our technicians is at your property, they will begin carefully combing through your property seeking out visible and hidden mold colonies. While our technicians in Houston, Texas do this, they will create a comprehensive plan of action. This plan of action will show how our technicians plan on bringing your property back to its normal, pre-loss conditions. Once we agree upon terms, we can begin mold remediation in your home or business. 


During our mold remediation process, our technicians will clear, clean, sanitize, and help identify the source of your problem. While our technicians dispense our mold remediation process, they will also use procurement treatments to prevent any future outbreaks.

Read What Our Mold Remediation Customers Are Saying​

"United Water Restoration is currently working with us to dry out water from a broke AC condensation line. It leaked behind our bathroom wall, through the stairwell wall and in to kitchen wall. What a mess, but their professionalism makes me confident that we will successfully get everything dried out before moving forward with repairs."
"I had a very good experience with United water restoration group. They were prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. I dealt with 3 different employees during my water remediation and all were beyond helpful and kind during a stressful situation. They worked with my insurance company to handle everything! Would definitely call them again during a water crisis!"