Maximizing Your Water Damage Claim

Water damage is nearly every home owner’s worst nightmare. Like fire, water damage can seemingly occur at random, leaving you ankle-deep in a wet mess and reaching into your pockets to cover it. When it comes to damages like this, your insurance companies can be your best friends, if you’re careful to maximize your insurance claim. 


Remember the while an important function of insurance companies is to compensate you, they are still very much a business. Failure to maximize your claim can result in fewer damages paid for by your insurance company, and more that you have to handle out of pocket. 


Today United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas would like to give you tips to maximize your insurance claim.


The Key To Maximizing Your Claim

When making a water damage claim to your insurance company, what you do and don’t do can make all the difference. To maximize your claim there are a few handy tips and tricks you can do to help. If you’re going to maximize your claim, here are some key things to consider:


Limit The Damages And Catalogue Evidence.

When you have found signs of water damage, you need to isolate it immediately. Prevent the damage from spreading as much as feasibly possible. By taking control of the situation and limiting the spread of damage, you can bring down the cost ceiling quickly.


After getting control of the situation, be sure to catalog all evidence of water damage. Videos, photos, written accounts, anything you think can be a benefit in reporting water damage to your insurance company is worth it. There is no such thing as too much information when trying to maximize your water damage claim to your insurance company. Any water damage, no matter how large are small, needs to be taken into account.


Don’t Be Fooled By Insurance, Use A Public Water Claim Adjuster.

When you go to file your claim, your insurance company is going to insist on using one of their provided vendors while assessing your claim. We suggest using a public water claim adjuster instead due to avoid bias, making the adjuster more inclined to work in your favor for a more maximized claim.


After You’ve Made Your Claim, Call Us

After you’ve taken all the steps necessary to secure your claim, give United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas a call at (832) 990-8899. We’re able to work with any and all insurance providers, and in the Houston area, we are your best option when water damages arise to spoil your day. With our teams of professional technicians, your water damage woes will soon be a thing of the past.

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