How to Effectively Clean Smoke Damage

In the aftermath of a fire, it’s not unusual to be at your wit’s end, full of feelings of being overwhelmed. Where do you even begin with the cleaning task ahead? Beyond damages left by the flames themselves, you also have to clean smoke damages. 

With a strong odor, the soot, it’s easy to feel helpless the more you look around. But the situation isn’t as hopeless as it seems. 

Today United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas would like to tell you how you can start to clean smoke damage and begin restoring some normalcy to your life. Throw on your gloves and safety goggles, and let’s get to work.


A Few Pointers For Cleaning Smoke Damage

  • Air Out Your Property

The first thing you’ll want to do is open all of the windows on your property. Opening your windows allows proper ventilation for lingering smoke odor and airborne soot particles time to air out. 

Be sure to replace any air filters for soot, and to clean or replace them as needed until no more traces of soot are being picked up in them. If your fire requires the assistance of firefighters, you may also be dealing with water left behind; be sure to absorb as much water as you can to prevent a hindrance during the cleanup effort.


  • Prepare For Soot, A Lot Of It

It’s impossible to clean smoke damage up all at once. So, pick a place to begin and start from there. With the use of cleaning chemicals from your local department store and a home vacuum, you can tackle a lot of the soot. 

Soot that clings to walls, furniture, and more with a time-consuming deep clean. It may seem arduous, but it’s preferable to throwing out things that can be saved and it’s cheaper too.


  • Don’t Go It Alone, Call For Help

While these first steps are critical in the smoke damage cleanup process, it’s also likely that you’re going to need outside help. Professional training and equipment can go a long way when it comes to cleaning smoke damage. 

The experts at United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas are trained to handle that and more. When you’re in need of a professional touch, call us at (832) 957-7623. We’re able to take your call 24/7, and our friendly and trained professionals are standing by to help you tackle your post-fire smoke damage cleaning.

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