Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage is something no homeowner wants to experience, but sadly it’s something that many homeowners will encounter at some point on their property.    A broken pipe, a faulty washing machine, or even water damage induced by the wrath of nature, water damage will strike when it is least convenient for you. A situation […]

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How to Effectively Clean Smoke Damage

In the aftermath of a fire, it’s not unusual to be at your wit’s end, full of feelings of being overwhelmed. Where do you even begin with the cleaning task ahead? Beyond damages left by the flames themselves, you also have to clean smoke damages.  With a strong odor, the soot, it’s easy to feel […]

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Recognizing Fire Hazards

Looking around you right now, would you be able to recognize a fire hazard? There are the obvious ones, such as cooking appliances and candles but did you know that fire hazards extend far beyond the most obvious sources of heat?  A fire hazard is often defined as “any actions, materials, or conditions that might […]

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