What to Do If Your Water Heater is Leaking

Is your dishwater running cold? Are your showers a bitter chill instead of a comforting warmth? Then you may have a problem with your water heater. If you’re not getting the hot water you’re supposed to be, you’ll be inclined to check on the water heater yourself. So what do you do when the inconvenience […]

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Choosing a Water Mitigation Company

People don’t want to think about water damage. Nobody wants to think that all it takes is the right circumstances at the worst times to turn your world upside down in a soaking wet mess. Whether it’s a bursting pipe, a leaking roof, foundation cracks, or outright flooding, there’s no shortage of things that can […]

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Can Black Mold Grow on Carpet?

For a homeowner, the potential of a mold outbreak is a nightmare you never want to think about. Usually coming in the wake of a disaster involving water damage, mold can appear in the obvious places but it can also occur in areas most people would be oblivious to.    After water damage, even your […]

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