3 Hidden Signs of Water Damage

No property owner wants to hear that they have water damage. Water damage is one of the most common headaches that owners will have to deal with, and it can seemingly occur at random. Whether it’s a crack in the foundation, a leaky pipe, or even a bad roof finally showing itself, water damage can become apparent swiftly. 


Knowing signs of water damage can make all the difference between stopping a problem dead in its tracks for a relatively low cost, or allowing it to go unchecked and cost thousands more. United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas would like to keep you informed on some signs of water damage. Recognizing these steps early on can greatly assist you in preventing further damages. 


Trust Your Senses

Your biggest asset when looking for water damage, are your senses. Four out of five of them, to be precise. Your sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touch are instrumental in finding different signs of water damage.


  • Odd Structural Changes

A sign of water damage you need to pay careful attention to is structural damage. It could be something small like minor warping, paint peeling due to excess moisture, or even slight sagging. At its most extreme it can include holes and active decay in the woodwork. These kinds of signs are more likely to occur near exterior walls, and around interior pipework so remain vigilant if you’re inspecting for signs of water damage.

  • Damp Odor, Distant Drip

If you hear a distant drip or smell a damp odor, especially in places where neither belongs, you have likely found that you have an active leak within one of your walls. You can further verify this by watching for unexplained increases in your water bill. Try to pinpoint the source of the odor and the drip to the best of your ability, trying to isolate these signs of water damage.

  • Obvious Stains And Puddling

The most obvious signs of water damage will make themselves apparent clear as day. Active puddling on your floors or stains in your ceilings and walls are clear signs not just of water damage, but an active situation on hand. If water damage is at a point where you are seeing stains and puddling, it’s definitely time to reach out to the professionals.


Call Today

If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the tell-tale signs of water damage, don’t delay your phone call to us today. Contact United Water Restoration Group of Houston, Texas today at (832) 990-8899. Our service lines are available 24/7, and we’re able to work with any and all insurance providers. One call is all it takes to get one of our trained professionals on-site to solve your water damage problems.

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